You can seamlessly raise the invoices by recording, creating and all that will be sent to your customers through mail with no waste of time.

GST & TDS filing

Get your filings up to date with Accountbots. You can relax and sit back for us to determine and file your GST and TDS return.


For the better business, your employees should get their payments on time. And we run the payroll in time which helps the management and leaves you worry free.

Expense classifications

To know where your money goes is something very crucial. Where you spend it and where you keep it, one always needs tabs on his or her money. And that’s where we come in.

Month end closure

You can seek our help for bookkeeping and have everything be intact. Our accountants will see that all the transactions of your accounts and prepare financials.

Budget profiling

Compare your profits, expenditures and every single future financial projection with the actuals and leave the budget profiling of your business in our hands.a

Cashflow management

Mark out, where your money is being spent and also where your revenues are coming from with Accountbots.


Get reports on your performance, milestones, budget check, requirements on your capital and much more insights right here from us.


A suite of services covering accounting, payroll processing, tax compliances and customised reporting for start-ups and mid-level corporates.

It starts from the GST impact analysis to filing of GST returns, preparing chart of accounts to finalisation of accounts, salary structuring of employees to sending a bank advice to banker, accounting for transactions to preparing customised reports.


A unique offering of customised dashboards for business owners would be of great help for key business decisions.


Just a click away from the login page to access your accounting information, compliance check, reports, business documentation and your dedicated accountant.

An online platform for you to monitor, accounting transactions ,  business documents ,  statutory compliances, making this a comprehensive module to secure your key business information.

A simple chat option to reach the expert accountant seamlessly to guide you in every business transaction.

Bringing the robustness of best practises & rich features used in the large corporates tailored for mid-level corporates with simplicity.


Every business is different and the way entrepreneurs look at the business is different.

Get customized dashboard for your business for your milestones & KPIs

GST Compliant Invoicing

Accountbots will be able to generate a GST compliant invoice that can be sent to your clients.

Upload Documents

Accountbots will help you to upload all your vendor bills, expenses vouchers, sale deeds and all other important business documents on the portal that will be accounted by us and archived in the Data Management System.

Online Cashbook

Accountbots helps you to maintain an E-Cash book and generate cash payment and cash receipt vouchers. This feature replaces the manual cash book and maintenance of physical vouchers.

Customized reporting

Accountbots generates standard reports for your requirements. For any customized requests, custom reports can be generated to help you in taking right decisions at right time.

Document Management

All the accounting transactions are supported by a documentary evidence and they are stored in the Document Management System. This can be retrieved at any moment.

Chat & Ticketing

We give online support during the business hours . When we are offline you can always raise a ticket. We will immediately respond to you on the next working day .

Compliance calender

This gives you a 360-degree view of the status of compliances. Compliance calendar gives a list of all the due dates for various compliances that are pending and completed.

User friendly online client interface

We give you an interface while leveraging the efficiencies of a scalable, virtualized platform and eliminate the requirement to have accounting knowledge.

Dedicated Account Manager

We have a highly skilled and dedicated professional at all times checking and backing up your expenses, bank statements and everything that relates your business in a proper documented manner.

Updated knowledge

We being in the consulting industry of accounting , get ourselves updated with business acts and statutes w.r.t your business.

Online and on call support

We respond to each and every chat making the interaction a real time response activity which helps you to interact with us, so that you can connect well and get any updates from the accountant immediately.

Access from remote locations

No matter where you are, you can reach up to your updates anytime and anywhere as we are a cloud based application. It will only be easier for you to know where your expenses ends up, regardless of your location.

Live tracking

We help you to understand where we stand in terms of accounting of your transactions and filing the returns to comply with the statutes.

Reduced cost of infrastructure

Your spends on infrastructure to accommodate your accounting staff is zero, because we take care of everything.

Customised business reporting

Not every business and every entrepreneur are the same, we understand every specific business requirement n cater to you.


A dedicated expert accountant with updated knowledge to cater to the accounting and payroll needs of businesses.

We bring all the features of the in-house expert accountants without you shelling out for heavy overheads.

Live tracking of your business on the go and real-time interaction with the expert accountant will help business owners to take swift business decisions.

People build processes, having the right people in your business journey helps to achieve goals quickly.


Every business owner is unique and their approach towards business is also, we cater to these requirements with customised reports.

We discuss each report with the business owner to help in his analysis of his business. This activity helps in a continuous tracking of the business performance through review of Key Performance Indicators on liquidity of funds, utilisation of resources, cost structuring, managing customers and vendors diligently.

Right insights to the right people at right times will give right results, we believe in this.

Sales reports

Sales analysis report, gives an overview of the state of the sales activities within a company. It shows the different trends happening in the sales volume over a certain time.

Purchase reports

A Product purchase report provides you an insight into the purchases made for various items in your inventory focusing mainly on quantity and total cost incurred to buy that quantity for a preferred date range.

Expense reports

Detailed report produced on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis that accounts for all the expenses a business incurs. This report may be broken down to small subsets of the business to determine how much money each area is costing the company

Profitability reports

In cost accounting, profitability analysis is an analysis of the profitability of an organisation’s output. Output of an organisation can be grouped into products, customers, locations, channels or transactions.

Accounts receivable

Basically, account receivable are amounts of money owed by customers to another entity for goods or services delivered or used on credit but not yet paid for by clients.

Accounts payable

This report gives you an idea of all the payables by nature, timeline which helps you to factor the resources.

Budgets Vs Actuals

A continuous track of budgeted figures Vs Actuals will help to understand the variances of actuals from the budgeted targets.This helps in utlising resources optimally.

HR (Human Resources) Reports

Human resources reports are an integral component to effectively manage your business’s human resources (HR) activities and departments.


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