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At Accountbots, we continuously try to reinvent ourselves and the accounting processes we are working with. Accounting and reporting are not just our profession, it is a passion. We understand the need to have a good accounting team who can continually work on the business accounting and share the right insights to the founders to take informed decisions. We want to bring in some of the best practises used by the large corporates and large accounting firms worldwide in helping our clients to maintain their accounts and compliances in order. We love to analyse your business in greater detail to adopt the right accounting system in compliance with all the statutes applicable, along with ease of usage to the business owners and with a vision to give a great MIS.

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Our dedicated account manager ensures that your financials are up to date and payroll is processed.

Our approach

We diligently go through the entire business model and try to understand the business ,analyse GST impact and understand the applicable compliances. We also understand the Key performance indicators that the entrepreneur should be keen upon
Once we have a walkthrough of business, we design the accounting system and place appropriate internal controls and explain the management about the impact of statutory compliances for various transactions. We build the required workflow in co-ordination with business owners and then draw the key SLAs to initiate the process.
We define chart of accounts in accordance with the business model and then account for all the business transactions and process the payroll.
We give you an updated report regarding your compliances. We also update on KPI’s, sharing MIS to investor and updating business owners about any regulation change that could affect your business.
We help you in the analysis of your business based on the reports that are generated. This would help in understanding your business and factor for the resources required and enhance the performance and drive towards growth.


“We have prepared financial budget for the year for the first time, need to compare my actuals now.”

Shiridi Sai Prodctions

“I need to just scan and upload the soft copies of documents, my bank transactions and GST returns are taken care by Accountbots team.”

Kranthi Kumar
Acuwin solutions

“All my documents are in one place now, I can find them easily and able to retrieve now”

Rahul Atlury

Our Team


A Chartered Accountant by profession and a part time CFO guiding a few start-ups in defining the roadmap and achieving the same. He has an experience with a large corporate in building a shared servic

Praveen has an exposure as internal auditor for some of the large corporates and is instrumental in defining internal controls for some entities. He specialises in GST impact analysis and compliances

Gowtham has a fantastic work record with a large corporate and has an understanding of the reporting requirement of the founders to make business decisions. He specializes in business model analysis,

Hari Prasad handles legal and secretarial part of compliances associated with the transactions passed by the accounting and payroll teams. His expertise in advising the Mid-Level corporates in handlin

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